Wednesday, August 15, 2012

tool 10 digital literacy

Sometimes I feel as if the children are more digitally literate than me! lol But, in examining the things I've taught my own children about the internet, I feel that maintaining balance in their lives is very important. A healthy mix of the virtual world and the true is necessary to understand the potentials and pitfalls of both. Safety is each individuals responsibility. Just as there are neighborhoods I would not frequent out of fear there are places on the web like that also. I know they're there, filtering is topical and doesn't really protect you, only your own decisions  will do that.

Plagiarism is wrong, shoplifting is wrong, lying is wrong. Yeah, you might not get caught but that's not what the conversation is about. But... if you do get caught it will take a long time to change others perception of you. And that can be a very high price to payl

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