Monday, August 20, 2012

tool 8 Looking at the tools...

During the summer while at the in- law's beach house for a week I pulled my ipad out and used the expert resource available to me (my niece who just graduated Langley HS in N. Virginia no less) to help me get familiarized with it. I must say she was very impressed that my district had put an ipad in my hands for the summer. And I was very impressed with this latest computing device. We downloaded apps. Shot lots of photos and videos, surfed the web, checked emails etc. I love it and I never thought I would be an Apple guy. lol

Of course I've only touched on the possibilities of the device because it seems every time I turn it on I learn more of it's capabilities. I will definitely spend more time learning how to best use this in my classroom. Syncing it with my laptop didn't work the first time so I'll have to go back and watch the tutorial again. I look forward to adding webclips/apps to the ipad for my first weeks intro.

As far as managing this and the other devices in the classroom setting I plan on having study teams in class and have on member of each team as the tech pro. This will be a volunteer position but from experience I know many students will want to be the one to be in charge of classroom technology. As with other tech devices I anticipate learning much from the students as we incorporate these latests gadgets into the day to day learning going on in class.

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